The Technical Specification

About the Tech Spec

  • The Technical Specification is at the core of what makes UTMC work.
  • This page provides access to the current definitive UTMC Technical Specification documents. Additional helpful information may be found on the "Guidance & good practice" tab.
  • Files on this page may be used freely, but we ask that you ensure that the reference to UTMC is maintained and publicised. If you adapt any procotol for use, please let us know, and make sure that this information is also conveyed to third parties (such as customers).

The Framework

  • The Framework Specification defines the general architectural framework for UTMC systems.
  • The Framework is consciously based as far as possible on current, mainstream ICT practice. We believe that this is the best way of avoiding expensive, bespoke, dead-end solutions.
  • The Framework is updated only occasionally and is referred to as "TS003".

The Objects Register

  • The Objects Register ("TS004") defines the formats and structures of data objects used in UTMC systems. Some of these are geared to specific traffic system functions; others describe the road network; and a third set relates to information structures (like "predictions" or "faults").
  • The register is large and complex document. It is presented in three main files, together with a number of supplementary documents.
  • The Objects Register is more dynamic, and is the principal focus for UTMC evolution.