How UTMC works


  • UTMC is managed by its user community, the UTMC Development Group (UDG).
  • The UDG has managed the UTMC Technical Specification since 2004. In addition, it works to spread good practice guidance to local authorities, and to their suppliers, through a range of events and publications.
  • The UDG is a membership organisation. Membership confers an opportunity to help steer the programme for the benefit of the whole community. UDG members elect a Management Group consisting of up to seven UK local authorities and up to three supplier representatives.
  • The UK Department for Transport continues to participate and to be actively interested in UTMC developments. Commercial work for the UDG is managed through a not-for-profit company, UTMC Ltd.

UTMC operations

  • The UDG operates primarily through technical working groups. Our independence allows us to get competing suppliers together under respected impartial chairmanship.
  • Outputs from these working groups are subjected to public consultation before being adopted, on behalf of the UDG, as full parts of the UTMC Specification.
  • We work closely with formal standards bodies, but our structure enables us to be faster and more responsive.  In addition, our output documentation is free of charge.
  • We are always open to ideas for new or updated elements for the UTMC framework. So long as you are committed to the idea of an open product, and are willing to put in effort to help develop it, we look forward to hearing from you.

European projects

  • As well as providing (free) advice or guidance, we sometimes take a more formal project role.
  • In this, we regularly work with partners, including the European city forum Polis and the German community group OCA.
  • Recent projects with (direct or indirect) UTMC representation include:

POSSE, which explored open ITS standards for European cities (2012-14)

The CIVITAS project CAPITAL, in the EC's Urban ITS Advisory Group (2014-15)

EC-funded CEN projects on urban ITS standards (in particular PT1701, 2015-16)

CIMEC, on the potential for city-based cooperative ITS (2015-17)

The Urban Working Group of the EC's C-ITS Platform (2016-17)

  • We continue to be interested to explore further opportunities to collaborate on UK and European projects wherever we can add value.