UTMC-linked specifications

The following documents present technical specifications which are specific enough to be reused. However these emerge from individual projects whose characteristics may be particular. They are not, therefore, part of the Technical Specification proper and may have no standards value, but are presented as open examples protocols which might be considered for implementation by traffic managers in their UTMC systems.


  • CROCS, developed with funding support from UK Government, is an open specification for use in cooperative ITS roadside units, and is made available under the UK Open Government Licence. It covers the exchange of SPaT/MAP data from signal controllers to RSUs.


UTMC guidance

The UTMC Technical Specification can be daunting and working out how to use it effectively is generally more of an issue for suppliers than traffic authorities. But the essence of getting value from open specifications is in the strategy, planning and procurement stages. The following documents may be useful in this context, both for procuring LAs (and their consultants) and for bidding suppliers.

Third party guidance on UTMC

The following documents have been produced by thirds-party projects specifically relating to the use of UTMC specifications. While not formally adopted by UTMC, these may be considered as "good practice" recommendations.